Punjab Day Satta King Result – Punjab Day Satta Record Chart

05:00 pm
25 जनवरी 26 जनवरी
67 14

Today we are come back on this page with your Punjab Day Satta Result and every latest updates of the game. Game playing lines are already closed. Now it’s time to declare its result. And as according to our promise we are on the right time with your Satta King Punjab Day Chart. We update the result of all region according to the given time of that region.

Today’s result of Punjab day has been discussed in the below table. In case of not finding it, please refresh the page and then you will find it immediately. After checking it you can exactly know about your game win and lose. Punjab Day Satta Chart of today game and some previous days is available on the separate article of Punjab day satta king.

Satta King Punjab Day Result

A lot of online players are in wait for their Punjab Day Satta King Result and its latest updates. Now their wait for the result is going to be ending soon. In the below table of this page all the players of the satta king game can check it.

This game is widely played all over the country. Yet it is banned in our country but the strength of the online players of this game is increasing rapidly. At first no one know about that this game is also played online. Because then mostly people play it in offline mode. Since then the internet make the progress, all of them started to play it in online mode.

Punjab Day Satta King Chart – Result (Declared)

पंजाब क्षेत्र के लोग जिन्होंने कल गेम खेला था वो अपना पंजाब डे सत्ता रिजल्ट नीचे टेबल में देख सकते हैं। परिणाम की घोषणा होते ही हमने सबसे पहले इस पेज पर रिजल्ट अपडेट किया है। साथ ही यदि किसी भाई बंधू को परिणाम देखने में कोई दिक्कत हो रही हो या फिर रिजल्ट शो नहीं हो पा रहा हो तो एक बार पेज को रीलोड कर लें।

जैसा की आप सभी पहले से जानते हैं की गेम खेलने की कुछ नियम हैं और आप सभी को इसके नियमो के अनुसार चलना पड़ता है। सबसे आखिर में कंपनी इस गेम का रिजल्ट डिक्लेअर करती है और जीतने वाले व्यक्तियों को बहुत बड़ी रकम प्राप्त होती है। सभी प्रकार की लेटेस्ट अपडेट के लिए हमारे पेज के साथ बने रहे ।

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Date Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
01 89
02 61
03 48
04 65
05 14
06 48
07 24
08 95
09 93
10 55
11 83
12 61
13 91
14 80
15 18
16 51

Punjab Day Satta Result

In the end we want to say one thing that this is a highly risky game with lot of troubles. So play the game with much attention. Never invest a larger amount of money. Those who play the game are now able to check their Punjab Day Satta Result on this page.

Before playing this game always keep in mind one thing that it is illegal and banned in India. So play it only on your own risk. We do not encourage anyone to play the game or any type of illegal activity of the game. This portal is purely available for showing result and updates of the game.